Drag Racing (See David's Page for more Drag Racing Videos)

Yellow 2004 Monte Carlo SS Dyno Video

Traveling (see Lisa's page for our big trip next year, or in a couple of years!)
Cedar Point/Mackinac trip Aummer, 2005
Chicago - December 2006

The official geocaching website!


Pets -  We have two dogs, one cat, one ball python, and two leopard
geckos (which we are actually pet sitting, for our niece).
See Evan's page for pictures of our mammals and two of our reptiles.
Snake info page
Leopard gecko page
Ball python page
Family Interests
Kern Drag Racing-Where it all
Began (Lisa started it!)  Here's a
Vid as Proof

Lisa in 2002 Monte Carlo SS
Geocaching on Mackinac Island
July, 2005
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