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Chemistry Review Links (by topic):
Significant figures practice quiz
An interactive periodic table with lots of useful info!
Visualizing atomic orbitals
Another good site with sig figs - be sure to read the fable
History of the atom
Chemistry tutorials on various topics
Activities and tutorials on various topics
Various topics - practice problems with answers*
*A student reported (and he's correct) that the above link has some errors.  It occasionally will
tell you that your answer is wrong, when it is correct.  They are few and far between, but
watch out for them.
Notes on reaction types and predicting products. (The ends of the sections
may say "practice problems".  Click there to get practice problems.)  Also note, you
will not need to predict synthesis (of nonmetals) until the bonding unit in the last
trimester.  Also, we referred to replacement as "single replacement" and ionic as
"double replacement".
Stoichiometry quiz with molarity  Click on  solution stoichiometry calculate moles or
Stoichiometry review worksheet
Gas test retake review worksheet
Other Chemistry Links
Molecular expressions
Mr. Craig's honors chemistry and AP chem website

General Science Links
DoScience.com - lots of fun science stuff to do!
Heard a good urban legend lately? Check it out at Snopes.com

EXTRA CREDIT: Watch for this to be updated soon.
Mrs. Kern's Chemistry Site
to succeed in chemistry:

10. Re-read or re-copy your
notes and ask questions
about them.

9. Read the section in the
textbook that discusses our
current topic.

8. Do all the homework that
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know it won't be collected!

7. Stay for 6th period to get  
help or ask questions.

6. Follow the "textbook links"
to find out what the textbook
publishers have put together
for you.

5. Click on the review links
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4. Read and practice your
chemistry every day.

3. Use the links to the left to
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2. Show up for class
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take notes in class!