Honors Chemistry
Extra Credit

This is the only extra credit assignment I will give this trimester.  You must complete the task
at least one week before your final exam.  You may start anytime you want to, but you will
probably really struggle with the content until about halfway through the trimester, unless
you read ahead in the book.  For this assignment, you must solve a puzzle based on
chemistry.  The puzzle's answer is 15 digits in the form of a seven digit longitude number
and an eight digit latitude number.  You should go to
this webpage for the clues.  Please
ask me if you don't understand the puzzle.  I will help you understand what you need to do,
but I won't help you decide how to do it.  It will be helpful to print it out so you can write on it,
and so I can help you get started.

For eight points, you can figure out the coordinates and turn them in to me, along with all
the written work you needed to do to solve the puzzle (you should have at least one sheet
with practice/incorrect work on it, and one with the correct answers).  Your work does not
have to be neat, it should just indicate that you actually spent some time working it out.  
Also, when you turn it in, you should expect to answer at least one question from me about
how you solved the puzzle.  If you didn't do the work yourself, you will not be able to answer
the question(s).

For an additional two points, you can use the coordinates to find a geocache
(what's a
geocache?), which I have hidden for you and others to find.  Finding a geocache requires a
handheld GPS unit.  If you don't own one, you can borrow mine during 6th period one day.  
Please plan this with me and I'll go help you.  If you are interested in picking up geocaching
as a hobby, or you are already a cacher, you will want to see the
original cache page which
I wrote for other cachers to see.  You will have to login (it's free) to see it.  To get the
additional two points, you must find the cache and sign the logbook inside it.  You may also
want to bring some trinkets to trade out.

Twelve cachers who are not students of mine (mostly adults from Avon, Brownsburg,
Plainfield, and even Arizona) have solved this puzzle, along with 15 or so Avon students.  Of
course, all of them are sworn to secrecy and some have mysteriously disappeared along
with Dr. Heisenberg.  Hopefully your fate will not be the same.  Good Luck!