Vacation 2005 - Cedar Point and Mackinac Island

At the end of July 2005, David, Evan and I went from Indianapolis to
Sandusky, OH to Cedar Point. On Tuesday night, we found our first geocache
of the trip (Great Wolf Cache) and our first Travel Bug. On Wednesday and
Thursday we went to
Cedar Point and Soak City. After two days of
rollercoasters, we headed up toward Michigan on Friday.

On the way out of Sandusky, we stopped at Marblehead Lighthouse to find
cache #2 (Beacon's Booty). We drove all day Friday and arrived in Mackinaw
City around 9 pm. We took the 9:30 ferry to Mackinac Island and then took a
taxi to "Duke's House" in the village. By the time we got there, it was around
11 pm and we talked with our hostess, Rosie for a bit before going to sleep in
a BED for the first time in three nights. Saturday morning, we went to
breakfast at Jessie's Chuchwagon and then on a carriage tour, which Rosie
had arranged for us. On the tour, we stopped at Arch Rock which, besides
being beautiful, is an Earthcache. Of course that meant that we had to get a
picture of us taken with the arch and out GPSr. We got off the tour at the
Governor's residence and walked back to town. Then we shopped at Doc's
House of Magic and a fudge shop, of course. We walked back to Rosie's to
change and get ready for the wedding and then walked down to the Little
Stone Church. We were a bit late for the wedding, but it was beautiful and
very touching. After the wedding, it started to rain. We took carriages to the
reception, which was lovely. Then Jason, Laurie and Nolan walked with us to
the marina and we got ice cream on the way. Then we went back to Rosie's
and changed to go out looking for cache #3 (Turtles and Toys). It was dark
by this time (darker than we ever see here - no light pollution) and we only
had one flashlight which was about to run out of batteries. We gave up about
100 feet from the cache and decided to try again in the morning. Sunday
morning, Rosie made us breakfast and then we went out to find Great Turtle
Park and our cache. We found it with no trouble and realized that the park
could be seen from the path we had been on the night before. We left our
travel bug there. Then we realized there was another cache a couple
hundred feet from where we were. We decided to go ahead and get cache #5
for the trip (Cupid's Arrow Head). Then we walked back to Rosie's and picked
up our luggage. We walked down to town (we should have called a taxi) and
got on the ferry to go back to Mackinaw City.

When we got back to our car, we decided to drive across the Mackinac Bridge
because we've seen so many documentaries about the construction of this
engineering marvel. We went across to the U.P. and then back and headed
home. We made it home in about nine hours, so it wasn't too late and we
weren't too exhausted.

Here are the pictures we took on the trip, sorta in a sensible order:

Great Wolf Cache and Cedar Point
<This section is under construction!!!!!!!!!>
This is Milennium Force. Evan rode it!
Milennium again

Milennium once again

This is some old farm equipment in the frontier section of the park. Evan
wanted to get this picture to show Papa.

This is Top Thrill Dragster. David rode it.

The following are Cedar Point's webpages for the rides all of us rode:
Milennium Force (Evan's favorite)
Magnum XL200
Blue Streak
Cedar Creek Mine Ride
Corkscrew (Evan's first upside down coaster)
Disaster Transport
Iron Dragon
Mean Streak
Wild Cat
Demon Drop (Evan has a great story about this one!)
Dodgem (He could finally drive his own car!)

And David rode this one... We all know he's crazy!

Marblehead Lighthouse
View from Marblehead lighthouse looking at Cedar Point
Evan looking for a cache at Marblehead lighthouse

Marblehead Lighthouse

Marblehead light is on a limestone peninsula in Lake Erie. There are tons of
coral and sponge fossils that are visible in the rocks.

Another fossil

Another fossil

Another fossil

Evan pointing at another fossil and a butterfly

Another view of the lighthouse.There were tours to the top of the lighthouse,
but the wait was over an hour and we didn't have time.

Another view of Cedar Point from Marblehead

This is where David gets his nickname, 24cachiepants.

David with the cache

Mackinaw City and across on the ferry at sunset
Mackinac bridge at sunset. This was taken on our ferry to Mackinac Island
Another shot of the bridge

Mackinac Island
Arch rock
Arch rock again

Evan and Lisa at the arch

Arch rock looking down to the bike road. The shadows are bikers

Flowers at Great Turtle Park on Mackinac Island

Totem Pole in Great Turtle Park on Mackinac Island

Our tour guides on Mackinac Island

Round Island Lighthouse (marks the passage into Mackinac Island's harbor)

Round Island Lighthouse Again

More flowers at Great Turtle Park

More flowers!

We even found Evan flowers!!

The wedding
Jeff and Lisa's Official wedding site
Inside the Little Stone Church

Jeff and Lisa

I love this pic of the couple!

Wedding party

Stained glass window

The Weaver family

The Weaver family again

Evan took this pic and I got it off Jeff's page

All three of us (from Jeff's page again)

The ferry ride back to Mackinaw City and the bridge
Evan looking pensive on the boat ride back
Fort Mackinac from the harbor

The harbor on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Bridge on the way to Machinaw City

Windmills in Mackinaw City

Pictures on the way home
Castle Rock in the U.P. across the bridge
OK, this needs some explanation, but I don't have any... We were driving
along and saw what looked like an excavator covered in green scales. And
that's what it was - a mechanical dragon. This is the head.

This is the body.

This is the truck that was pulling it.

Here's a sunset in Indiana on the way home.