Information overload

I knew this would happen. Right now, I am having total information overload! I took Aunt Sharon’s suggestion and purchased John McPhee’s book Annals of the Former World which I’m having trouble putting down. I am also enjoying a fiction work called Ashfall by Mike Mullin, who I had the good fortune to talk to over lunch at work a few weeks ago. Ashfall Fossil Beds State Park is our first stop on the trip, and while Mike’s book is not directly related to the park, he did spend some time there while doing research for his series. Besides the two books I already have, one of the National Park Rangers I’ll be interviewing suggested several other books for me to read. And I have about 220 essays to grade for my Advanced Placement Environmental Science students. Right now, I feel like getting through McPhee’s book will make a big impact on my overall understanding of the geology of our continent, so that’s a priority. Monday my students take their AP exam, a standardized test that could result in them earning college credit during their sophomore, junior or senior years of high school. Once that is over, I’ll be able to sort out the overload enough that I can get back to a little fiction and maybe grab one of the books my Ranger friend suggested! If May goes as fast as April did though, I’ll be happy to get through book one before we get on the road. Ah well, when I think back on all those years when humans didn’t have access to information about how this land formed, I feel very lucky to live at a time when we have the luxury of complaining about too much information. So here’s to information overload!