We're Having a Baby!
Well, we finally decided it's time to tell
everyone.  On November 18th, we found out
Lisa's pregnant.  Today (12-5-06) we went for
a preliminary ultrasound due to some
concerns we had been having.  It turns out
everything is OK and our estimated due date
is 16 days off!  So according to the baby's
size, we'll be nine weeks pregnant tomorrow.  
We were really excited to see the heartbeat!  It
looks like baby will be here around July 11,

Today David and I went for our first regularly
scheduled doctor's visit.  We got to hear the
baby's heartbeat and had a general check up.  
Everything looks good!

We're at 26 weeks now and I'm really starting
to get big!  I was waiting to update this page
until we'd had another ultrasound, but that
may not happen.  We were hoping to find out
if this one's a boy or girl, but unless we have
complications, the insurance company won't
pay for another ultrasound.  Next week, I have
a glucose tolerance test, so if that comes out
positive (I hope not), we'll have an ultrasound
at that point to make sure the baby's not
getting too huge too fast.  Otherwise, things
are going great!  We're starting to get the
house baby-ready, although we don't have the
upstairs bedroom done yet.  It's a
work-in-progress, as usual.

Well, I have gestational diabetes again.  
That's not surprising, but not too much fun
either.  It should get us another ultrasound
though.  I decided to post a recent picture of
us to show off my big belly!  That's us at IDD.  
Things are otherwise going well with the baby.
 It's moving and kicking a lot!

We finally had an ultrasound!!  If you want to
know the results,
click here.  Otherwise, the
baby is looking just fine.  We're within three
days of our due date, size-wise, so that's good
news!  My blood sugar has been really good,
now that I've figured out what to eat and when.
So we have about six weeks left until baby #2
arrives!  Here are some more baby pictures.  
There are also pictures on the page linked
above, but only click that if you want to know
the sex!  
Click here for the video of the

Seventeen more days until our due date!  So
far, no news.  I thought I'd add a picture of my
big belly!  (I don't know why this is underlined.)
David, Evan and I are just spending every  
day in the house trying to stay cool and
waiting for the baby!

Baby was finally born, so I won't be ruining
any surprises now!  It's a BOY!  
Click here for
more pictures of him!
Below are the two pics I had on the other
page.  The first one is a foot.  The second one
is... boy parts!