Look what an
    awesome big
    brother I have!
    Here are some of the
    people who will be
    spoiling me from now
Click the picture to go to kmagee photo.com
I like to sleep a lot!
Here's a picture of me and a few of my cousins.  I'm
in the back with Patrick.  In front, left to right, are
Blade, Nicolas, Emily, Lauren, Payton, Brock, Holden,
Ryan, Logan, Eli, Evan (my brother), and Anna.
Where my name came from:  Kieran is the
anglicised form of the Irish name
Ciaran (click here for more info on the name).  
Mommy and Daddy chose it because they both liked
the name, even though it means "little dark haired
one" and they certainly didn't
expect me to be born with lots of dark hair... and it
turns out that's exactly what I
have!  They chose Louis for my middle name to
honor my grandmothers.  They both
have the middle name Louise.
Me and my brother!

Finally!  Mommy got a         
picture of me smiling!!
Look at my cool new shirt!
I'm a cow for Halloween!
Crazy hair Day!